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A pioneering medical center, the Back Institute is unique in providing non-traumatic spine surgery, resulting in zero damage to the spine and a much speedier recovery time than traditional spine surgery. For these reasons, many doctors come to us for their own spine care (See Testimonials)). The fundamental approaches to non-traumatic spinal disc removal were invented here. Since 1986, we have been authoring distinguished, peer reviewed publications (See Our Publications). And we have taught our breakthrough techniques around the world. AWARD WINNING SPINE SURGEONS AND PHYSICIANS.

The procedures are performed by top award winning spine surgeons with the highest credentials for whom the spine is the area of their expertise (10 Year Top Doctor Award) . Our surgeons are on staff at some of the best hospitals in the country. (Cedars Sinai) Our surgeons participate in scientific conferences and present peer reviewed publications. MOST ADVANCED TREATMENT.

Because our outpatient non-traumatic procedures don’t involve bone removal, cutting or bleeding, we are able to do surgery in just one day. These procedures are safe and easy on the patient, so patients need not bring anyone with them.


Our surgery centers meet the highest level of private agency and government certification. In all aspects of spine surgery, the Back Institute is the safest and most advanced in the world. All equipment is specific to non-traumatic spine surgery and serves to treat patients in the least traumatic way possible.