Bennett - Latest Update

Subject: Six months out: a "thank you" is in order!

To The Back Institute and to Dr. Ditsworth

Six months ago, I was wheeled into the Back Institute's surgical center in a wheelchair. Intractable pain and weakness were the result of a awful lumbar herniated disk. When we first arrived at the Back Institute, my dad and I were skeptical. I think your journal articles convinced me and you convinced my father. Undergoing the procedure at the Back Institute was the correct choice. I was wheeled into surgery, but after the initial anesthesia wore off, I walked out of the recovery room a couple of hours after the unequivocally successful surgery.

My father and I would like to express the deepest gratitude to the Back Institute for exemplary communication, excellent care, and conscientious follow-up care and recommendations.

Bennett Garfinkel

Bennett - 3 Months Update

It's been 3 months since the surgery, and about 99% of the symptoms resulting from L5-S1 are GONE* (nearly no low back pain, or severe sciatic radiculopathy anymore).

I'm easily back to my level of functionality before L5-S1 re-herniated, and applying to doctoral programs in Biomedical Ethics. Over Christmas break, my family and I went to Peru. 6 or 7 weeks post-op and I was hiking at high altitude in the Andes without any problems, and had a BLAST.

I am Bennett from Florida, and I had non-traumatic back surgery at the Back Institute in 2011.

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